Game type: Team
Game level: Intermediate




All: AW-50


100 (1 hit before tagged out)


Bases: Rapid Fire Upgrade
Targets: Points Drop (50))
Gates: Red/Green Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points yes

Hunter Energy

Hunter Energy is the most basic form of the Hunter game types.

Players use a very slow firing, but powerful (one shot tag) weapon, 
and must hunt down the other players and tag them without getting 
tagged themselves. 
The players are split into teams, which focuses the game more into 
tactical team battles, as opposed to simple one-on-one duels.
The trick to this game is tagging the opponent on the first shot –
with the 5 second delay between shots, there isn’t time for another.
Arena Components will use the basic functions.