Bored of visits to the museum and barren visits to the city?

Lasertag - a fun alternative for school trips

- Your goal is to earn the most points. It is possible to play in teams everybody against everybody and therefore encourage class cohesion.
- Primary school students can already play here. We however recommend an age of at least 9 years. ( Nevertheless we need an declaration of consent from the children's parents)

Lasertag is a genuine adventure for your school trip - in a safe and controlable environment!

- max 14 people are able to play at the same time
- playing time is 15 min with breefing
- booking

prices / conditions:

240 €/hr from Tue to Thu ( before regular opening hours ).


No bookings during holidays

If your class teacher grudges you, you can play without him/her and he/she goes alone to the museum.. :D

For a school trip in Lasertag Revolution / Black Mission Area within opening hours applies the following:

Group size: at least 12 people ( starting from 15 people an accompanying person or a teacher plays for free,

Costs: please request an individual offer.

We accept card payment!