Game type: Solo
Game level: Fortgeschrittene




Mensch: Phaser / Blaster
Zombie:  Zombie Biss


Mensch: 110 (4 Markierungen für einen Treffer)

Zombie: 60 (2 Markierungen für einen Treffer)


Bases: Wiederbelebung
Targets: Wiederbelebung
Gates: Wiederbelebung

Member Battlesuit

Spieltyp: Ammo, Energy
Punkte sammeln? ja


The infectious gameplay of Zombies makes it a party favourite – How long will you survive?

All players start on the Red Team and very soon after the game starts,
several players switch to the Green Team (zombies). The zombies
can be killed by the Red Team, and must then stand in front of any
arena component to get respawned.

When a zombie kills a Red player, the Red player will switch to the
Green Team. Once all players are Green, the game will cycle, turning
everyone Red, and reselecting some players to be Green (at random).

Survive the longest to score the most points!

All Arena Components are used as Zombie Respawn Points.