Game type: Special
Game level: Intermediate




All: Phaser


100 (3 hits before tagged out)


Bases: Rapid Fire Upgrade
Hypershield Upgrade
Targets: Points Drop (50)
Points Drop (150)
Gates: Red/Green Cycle
magenta/blue Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points yes


Agents is one of the most popular specialty game modes.

All players start on one team (Blue), and spread out into the arena. 
Shortly after the game begins, a small percentage of players are 
randomly selected and changed to red team. They are then given 50 
points for every 5 seconds that they remain red.
Red players can tag blue players in an effort to defend themselves, 
but if a blue player tags a red one, they “steal” the red colour. The red 
player will switch back to blue and cease earning points, while the blue 
player will become red and start earning points. 
The game continues to play until the time limit is reached, the player 
who remains red for the longest will earn the most points and win.
Arena Components use the Delta Tag configuration.