Escape VR Games I Lasertag Wolfsburg

Am Mittwoch buchbar, weitere Termine (Di, Do, Fr ab 18:00) auf Anfrage

Escape VR Games Lasertag Wolfsburg


regular 120.00 € per game ( price per group )

launch price: 100.00 € ( max 4 people )

- every player recieves a 'backpack-pc' + HtC vr-glasses and a headset
- movement without disturbing cables
- you have 40 min to solve a game ---> take your time and only use hints when you need help, enjoy your time and the price stays the same whether you are 2 people or 4

 Tiberai 11. Mission „Space Station Tiberia

You are on the space station Tiberia which protects earth from meteorites. Because of a hazardous radiation storm diverse systems shut down. A known meteorite is headed towards earth  which will eradicate all life on earth in 45 minutes.

Your goal is to reactivate the station before earth will be eradicated. After docking on the station your first objective is to reactivate the internal system and then you go on to the outer station in order to repair the anti-meteorite

 Unterwasser Welt

2. Mission „The Depth of Osiris“

Take a dive into the underwater world , protect yourself against sharks and decipher the mysteries of the underwater temple.

Welcome to the deepsea platform Oceanus 5.

Our team of deep-sea archeologists hopelessly searches the lost temple of Osiris for months. This is why we called for your help to support us in finding the entrance and also finding the lost artifact. You have limited amounts of oxygen and a measuring instrument on your right wrist lets you know how much time you have left.

Much success aquanauts and go all-in!

 Dragon Tower

3. Mission „Dragon Tower

An evil alchemist, a starving dragon ...

You are a curious traveler who just arrived at a port town and as soon as you arrived have also been accused of commiting a crime. Being imprisoned and sentenced to death you have to escape the dragon tower until the church bell rings 6 am.



Participation at the age of 16, below 16 only when a legalguaridan is present.