Game type: Team
Game level: Intermediate


two (up to nine allowed)


All: XR-Energy


100 (2 hits before tagged you)


Bases: Rapid Fire Upgrade
Hypershield Upgrade
Targets: points Drop (50)
Points Drop (150)
Gates: Red/Green Cycle
Magenta/Blue Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points? yes


Use your sharp shooting eye to take out the most opponents in this skill-testing game. 

Sharpshooter is a game of skill. Equipped with the XR Energy rifle, 
players attempt to score tags on opponents shoulder sensors, 
which are worth 200 points a tag – 4x more points than a tag on the 
front or back sensor.
The XR Energy rifle can disable the opposition with only 2 shots.
TIP: Keep your distance from opponents to make it harder for them
to tag you, but make sure your own aim is up to scratch.
Arena Components will use the Delta Tag configuration.