Game type: Base
Game level: Advanced


two (up to nine allowed)


All: Phaser


100 (3 hits before tagged out)


Bases: Territories, um Punkte zu bekommen
Targets: Territories, um Punkte zu bekommen
Gates: Territories

Member Battlesuit

type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points? yes


Players battle to leave their mark in the arena.

This game is a variation of the classic Territories mode. 
All ACCs in the arena, Base Stations, Wall Targets and Energy Gates
are able to be captured. 
Players capture an ACC by tagging it once. This will change it to their 
team colour. When an ACC is captured, it will earn the team 1 point
per second. 
Aim to control as many ACCs as possible for maximum point gain.
All Arena Components will use the Territories base configuration.