Game type: Solo
Game level: Advanced




All: Phaser


Varies depending on player level


Bases: Rapid Fire Upgrade
Hypershield Upgrade 
Targets: Points Drop (50)
Points Drop (150)
Gates: Red/Green Cycle
Red/Blue Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points? yes


Gladiators is a level-based free-for-all battle.

In Gladiators, all players begin Green coloured. Players will level up to
new colours by earning points for tagging players and Wall Targets.
As players progress through the levels, they will be able to shoot
faster and have an upgraded shield, but they must be careful as they
are worth more points to other players! Players will lose half of the
tag point values for being tagged (after Level 1.) so they must stay on
top of their game to avoid being demoted to the previous level.
The levels are as follows:

Game Start: Level 1 (Green) 100 Shield
(Regular points for tagging Green players)
600 Points: Level 2 (Blue) 110 Shield
(Regular points plus 10 for tagging Blue)
1200 Points: Level 3 (Pink) 120 Shield
(Regular points plus 20 for tagging Pink)
1800 Points: Level 4 (Red) 130 Shield
(Regular points plus 30 for tagging Red)
2400 Points: Level 5 (Gold) 140 Shield
(Regular points plus 40 for tagging Gold)
Arena components will use the Delta Tag configuration.