Game type: Base
Game level: Advanced




All: Phaser


100 (3 hits before tagged out)


Bases: Red/Blue Respawn Base
Rapid Fire Drop
Targets: Points Drop (50)
Gates: Simple R/G Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points? yes

Delta Respawn

A more challenging version of classic Delta Tag.

In this variant of classic Delta Tag, players automatic respawn ability
is turned off. 
In this battle of Red versus Blue, players must return to the Base 
Station of their colour to respawn. 
The middle Base Station will drop the Rapid Fire attachment. 
The Wall Targets and Energy Gates will use their basic functions.
NOTE: This game may require additional setup steps, as we don’t 
always know which Base Station is which inside your arena. (to ensure
the two base stations for respawning are the two furthest apart – or
in case your centre uses just two base stations total.)