Game type: Solo
Game level: Intermediate




All: Phaser


100 (3 hits before tagged you)


Bases: Rapid Fire Upgrade
Hypershield Upgrade
Targets: Points Drop (50)
Points Drop (150)
Gates: Red/Green Cycle
Magenta/Blue Cycle

Member Battlesuit

Type: Ammo, Energy
Earns Points? yes

Backstabber Free For All

Free For All action with more points awarded for tagging players in the back.

Players engage in a Free for all battle, trying to sneak behind their 
opponents. Tags in the back are worth more points than anywhere 
else – so watch your back!
Scoring tags from the shoulders earn 60 points and from the chest 
earn 50 points, whereas tags from the back earn 200 points.
Arena Components will use the Delta Tag configuration.